5 Tips from the Naming Specialists at Name One! on Naming Your Company or Product

1. If your advertising budget is limited (whose isn’t?) choose a descriptive name that will help explain what your company or product does. Neologisms (made-up words) can be memorable, but may not help get the message across.

2. Use memory hooks. The more vivid associations your name has, the more memorable. And if customers can remember the name, they are more likely to ask for your product.

3. Don’t overestimate the pronunciation or memory skills of your audience. If the name is hard to say or remember, it’s probably a dog.

4. Use linguistic devices such as rhyme, alliteration, and vowel harmony. Make sure the name sounds nice!

5. Test,Test,Test. If you can’t use market research, ask a panel of your peers, potential customers, mother, brother-in- law, or strangers on the street if they can pronounce the name, and what it means to them. Testing can help avoid disastrous choices on meanings or associations you may have overlooked.

And if you’ve tried the above hints, and are still in need of a great name, call in the naming professionals at Name One! to help! We offer services from dynamic onsite presentations with help in decision making, to evaluating your potential names with the Teton NameScale software.

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